Our portal is powered by a cutting-edge search engine technology that can be used to store and mine a huge database of over thousands of world-class, accredited hospitals. This search engine is free-of-charge for use by any patient, anywhere on the globe.   

  • The software tool is especially useful and relevant for patients who want to travel abroad to avail medical facilities there, but are unable to determine which hospital is the right choice for them.
  • The software can facilitate their decision-making process by assisting them in comparing the best features and prices offered by different hospitals for different procedures.
  • In addition, we also post the latest healthcare news and our web site is constantly updated and developed, as per patients and hospitals’ evolving information needs.

Why Us?
Global Medical Tourism Inc. supports borderless medicine and patient empowerment. Our service is specially-tailored and geared to satisfy this need. Our passion, our work is driven by our desire to break down the boundaries of healthcare.
We realize that….

  • Boundaries to good and safe medical care are not just geographical, but can also be financial, political, and syndicated
  • A patient should have the freedom to choose where he/she feels she may get the best value for safe treatment, whether it is across state lines or across national borders
  • A patient should be able to choose a medical service based on transparent, pricing norms
  • A patient should have access to the best surgeons in the world without being constrained by travel regulations
  • A patient should have the right to access the latest innovations in medical science
  • Every patient should have the right to receive timely healthcare when she/she needs it  
  • A patient should be asked to pay a fair price for the medical care he/she receives

You are in safe hands...
You will enjoy absolute peace of mind while undergoing treatment/surgery at any of the healthcare establishments recommended on this website.

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Why Us?


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