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  • At Global Medical Tourism Inc., we believe that quality care establishments and hospitals should also benefit from our service. They should be able to solicit patients and business from across the world. They should have the freedom of offering their innovative medical services across national borders, in a safe and transparent manner. 
  • We understand your hospital is world class, accredited. But does a patient in another hospital know that? That’s where Global Medical Tourism comes into the picture. We will give you the digital marketing tools to expand your reach to patients across the world.
  • We already have a data list of over 100 internationally-accredited hospitals. A registered trade mark and property of the ITBD Group, a simple search on our portal takes less than a minute.  

Imagine the impact this kind of digital technology can have on your reach and business.
So, please don't wait. Get registered on our site and get searched by closely-targeted patients who need your service.

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