Global Medical Tourism Inc was incorporated on September 2014.

Founded by the ITBD Group, an international health care business consultancy group, with links and presence in several countries, we visited and shortlisted 20 world-class healthcare establishments in India, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and other developing countries in 2013-2014, where, we found that the standards of care are compatible, if not better than those available to patients in the tier-1, USA and Canadian Hospitals. Most of these establishments were already receiving referred patients from their counterparts in the USA and Canada & UK. The need was clear. All we needed to do was to:

  • Vet the credibility of some of these healthcare establishments
  • Use our vast network of resources and connections to liaison with these establishments on behalf of the patients
  • Set in place a Quality Assurance system to get them the level of care they needed, matching with the best in international care standards
  • Help patients search and access quality services at JCI (Joint Commission International)-accredited facilities, where they would be
  • Served with trust, ethics, and transparency and
  • Help them negotiate and overcome the challenges of language and other barriers in a racially-diverse environment 

From the hospital perspective, we seek to widen their reach to a bigger pool of patients, who cannot be served in time or within budget at home.

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