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Global Medical Tourism Inc

Amy Max (33) was on a long waiting list in the United States to receive stem cell treatment for her Lyme's disease. The disease was slowly eating into her; causing irreparable nerve and muscle damage, brain lesions and, if that wasn’t enough, she was constantly in pain.

Unable to wait any longer, she finally decided make a trip to India in May 2012 and the story had a happy ending. She received embryonic stem cell therapy at one of the leading New Delhi hospitals and today, she is completely cured and back at her job in San Francisco.

Out-of-pocket medical expenditure, especially for critical and elective procedures continues to raise the world over, compelling those in affluent countries to seek treatment in developing countries, where the same level of care can be accessed for a much lower cost – almost 30% less than in the home country.

Market statistics estimate that worldwide the medical tourism market is growing at a rate of 15-25% year on year.

How much can you save?

Using US costs across a variety of specialties and procedures as a benchmark, average range of savings for the most-traveled destinations:

  • Brazil: 20-30%
  • Costa Rica: 45-65%
  • India: 65-90%
  • Malaysia: 65-80%
  • Mexico: 40-65%
  • Singapore: 25-40%
  • South Korea: 30-45%
  • Taiwan: 40-55%
  • Thailand: 50-75%
  • Turkey: 50-65%